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We deal with the processing of wool and think about the importance of this traditional craft for society and nature!



What is a jumper made of and how is it made? In today’s modern society items have become abstract. We can see the finished product, which can simply be bought in a store, however the resources and each working step have become invisible. Through my work I want to prove that even I can make a jumper from scratch.

Image by Vince Veras


We want to raise awareness for the value of wool as a resource. On the one hand we want to show its usability, through sales however we want to create a monetary value and highlight its health and environmental benefits.

Image by Krzysztof Kowalik


Nature, the body, everything is based on cycles that we need to incorporate into our lifestyle. Occupying ourselves with wool as a resource can be a way of applying, cultivating and practicing this circular thinking.



We are students and deal with the manufacturing process of wool, from the resource to the finished piece of clothing. We deliberately forego the usage of machines and process wool like “in the olden days” by using the spinning wheels, carding machines and our hands. The process is the most important thing for us, working together and thinking about wool and its connections. We display our work at markets, for example socks, headbands, warming cushions and many other ideas.




I am a student and future dance teacher. Ever since I can remember I have loved to work with wool. 2 years ago, when a friend of mine started tsking care of sheep, I stated to occupy myself with the manufacturing process from the resource wool to the finished piece of clothing. And I didn’t use any complicated machines: at the beginning I was only equipped with a hand spindle. I have since acquired and am using a carding machine and a spinning wheel. I have started this project to highlight the amazing resource wool and to share my passion with others. Feel free to message me when you have any questions or to simply say hello!

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Handgesponnene Wolle
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